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“Wine to me is passion. It’s family and friends. It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit.”

Robert Mondavi's signature
Robert Mondavi
A macroshot of flowering in the vineyard

An expression of time and place

The essence of time is expressed in Opus One by the character of each vintage. Place, often defined as terroir, represents the geography, the climate and the essential human element which is captured in the wine’s balance between power and finesse, structure and texture.

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A view of the courtyard, guard towers and blue sky

“Wine is born, then it lives. But it never dies, in man it lives on.”

Baron Philippe De Rothschild's signature
Baron Philippe De Rothschild
A view of the vineyards, grass berm and blue, cloudy sky
A shot of the limestone Colonade and Redwood ceiling

Built to honor their vision

Rising gracefully from the vineyards, Opus One stands in subtle celebration of the land and the open space that surrounds the estate. It remains an ongoing testament to our founders’ vision of a singular wine that transcends generations.

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Standing in the gallery, looking up towards the staircase and skylight

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