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Opus One is the product of two families who shared a passion for wine and a desire to explore new possibilities. Today, our world expands far beyond the present of each vintage. Just as we look back on experience, we are always looking forward for inspiration.

Vineyard worker's hands holding a cluster of grapes during Harvest
An aerial shot of our vineyard crew picking grapes in the middle of the night.
The Early Hours

Our vineyard crew works diligently in the early morning hours to ensure the cool temperatures help preserve the purity of the fruit, while concentrating the flavors and aromas.

A vineyard worker hand cutting and picking the grapes during Harvest

The Highly Anticipated Harvest

Harvest 2019 officially commenced on September 10th. The Opus One team endeavors around the clock to delicately harvest fruit by hand to ensure an uncompromising quality. This is a monumental time that arrives year after year, as it marks the beginning of a new vintage that will be recognized for decades to come.

A cluster of green and purple grapes during veraison with the Opus One building in the background

Veraison: Grapes in Transition

As warmer weather continues and the peak of summer arrives, Mother Nature orchestrates a fascinating change in the vineyard. The grapes, which have been a pale green hue, begin to change into a lovely deep shade of purple, marking the onset of berry ripening and maturity. This annual part of the grape’s life cycle marks a turning point towards the exciting harvest season ahead.

A cluster of green and purple grapes during veraison
A black and white photo of an oak tree, the vineyard and a ray of sunshine

"Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful."

Margrit Mondavi
Rain drops fall from a tendril of a grapevine during winter rainfall
A new bud breaks from the cane to begin the coming growing season. Everything the harvest needs is held within this single bud
Bud break

After harvest, grape vines begin to shut down and go into dormancy for the winter months. Following abundant rains this winter, our vines are beginning to emerge for the 2019 growing season. This is a delicate and precarious time for the newly emerging shoots as they are vulnerable to frost that can occur during the spring months. This is especially true on the Valley floor where cool air tends to pool during cold nights.

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Mustard blooms in the vineyards, controlling erosion during the winter and providing colorful splendor in the spring.

The 2019 Growing Season Begins

Greater than average rainfall over the past winter has turned the entire Napa Valley a beautiful, brilliant green. These abundant rains replenished our reservoirs and restored moisture in the ground. Warmer days came in mid-March and we witnessed the re-emergence of the vines for the new growing season. This stage in the life of the vine is referred to as bud break. As the vines emerge from their winter sleep, the Valley will glow in the light of the new leaves.

The front of the Opus One building, clouds, olive trees and driveway after a recent rain

“Making a great wine is easy; it’s just the first 100 years that are difficult.”

Baron Phillipe De Rothschild
Rain drops falling off of vineyard wires in the winter

Spring in the Napa Valley

While many guests prefer to visit the Napa Valley during the frenzy of harvest so that they can see grapes coming into the winery, the spring months offer a totally different display of beauty in the Napa Valley. Hillsides turn green again, and many plants flower during this time. Lupine, mustard, and wild poppies create an array of colors against the verdant landscape.

Jack rabbit standing at attention in the vineyard surrounded by spring flowers.
Vineyards Spring to Life

Once pruning has been finished during the winter, there is a patient wait for the vines to reawaken. Usually by mid-March the buds on the canes will begin to swell and the slightest cottony hairs will begin to push through. As the buds continue to grow, eventually the new cane will emerge and carry with it - the promise of the 2019 vintage. Opus One works in harmony with nature in its vineyards. In the photo, a California Black-Tailed Jack Rabbit takes notice of the photographer.

A red dragonfly landing on a plant with a blue sky in the background

Opus One is committed to a healthy ecosystem. For more information about our sustainability programs, visit our Estate page.

A vineyard post with yellow and orange flowers in the background

Flowers blooming in our estate vineyard. This row is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Wine should express itself. It should tell you where it came from.”

Michael Silacci
A bottle of Opus One, next to a wine glass and rack of lamb on a dinner table
At Home Around the World

Situated next to a shady park in the heart of Bordeaux, our Opus One International office is located in a 19th century townhouse. From this location and with the help of our team members in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, we cultivate and nurture relationships that span the globe. Today, Opus One is currently sold in over 90 countries.

Bottle of Opus One 2007 next to a red wine glass, with clouds and sunshine in the background

A Global Community

Above from Instagram User, prettysweetmess, "Calm before *and after the storm. '07 @opusonewinery No matter how traveled these bottles are, they shine right through! In such a beautifully restrained, energetic place (Pun Intended)."

The front of the Opus One winery at night, with a glow in the background