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Opus One is the product of two families who share a passion for wine and a desire to explore new possibilities. Today, our world expands far beyond the present of each vintage. Just as we look back on experience, we are always looking forward for inspiration.

Share in the essence of winemaking, our Napa Valley Estate, and experiences beyond the vineyard. #opusonemoments


Mille Fiori: Celebrating the Flowering of the Vines

Opus One Mille Fiori Event 2024 in the Partners' Room for a reception

Guests enjoying an intimate reception in the Opus One Partners' Room overlooking the estate vineyard.

Opus One Mille Fiori Event 2024 pouring Opus One 2019 in the Rotunda.

Opus One 2019 being poured for guests as they celebrate the flowering of the vines.


June 2024

A moment in time to celebrate the flowering of the vines. The life of the vine is rhythmic and seasonal, a pattern well understood by Opus One. Mille Fiori means a thousand flowers in Italian. A thousand expressions of flowering can be seen throughout the estate vineyards as the vines adapt to this cyclical nature.

After flowering, each block begins showing fruit that will be harvested this September. To honor the awakening of fruit that will become Opus One 2024, guests enjoyed an intimate evening with winemaker, Michael Silacci.



A Musical Salon

A Musical Salon at Opus One in the Partners' Room

An intimate reception in the Partners' Room paired with Opus One 2018.

Artists Michael Kelly and Bejamin Alunni performing pieces from

Artists Michael Kelly and Bejamin Alunni performing pieces from "A Musical Salon" in the Opus One Rotunda.


June 2024

“A Musical Salon”

From winemaking to music, art connects people and creates community. This spring, Opus One welcomed artists Benjamin Alunni, Michael Kelly, Fernando Palomeque, and Vincent Giroud for an intimate musical performance to celebrate the French and American partnership in music.

The artists joined us in the Rotunda to perform various pieces that align with the winery’s beginnings. Having both French and American inspirations, “A Musical Salon” is a program that showcases this unique blend through the medium of music. This twilight event was an evening of wine, food, and the arts.

To learn more about the artists, you can find them on Instagram: @benjamin_alunni @fernandopalomequeconductor @michaelktoday



Sans Titre by Jean-Charles Blais

An original Polaroid photograph of Sans Titre by Jean-Charles Blais.

An original Polaroid photograph of Sans Titre by Jean-Charles Blais.

Margrit Mondavi and Baroness Philippine de Rothschild attending the 20th Anniversary event at Opus One in 1999.

Margrit Mondavi and Baroness Philippine de Rothschild attending the 20th Anniversary event at Opus One in 1999.


June 2024

Created in 1990, Margrit Mondavi and Baroness Philippine de Rothschild hand-selected Sans Titre by Jean-Charles Blais to hang in the Opus One Salon. Today it continues to hang in its original location.

Jean-Charles Blais is known for multi-layered paintings. He is heavily influenced by the Pop-Art and Nouveaux Realists movements. In recent time he is very interested in technology and the digital age. Blais has work in the permanent collection at the Tate London, MOMA New York, and was commissioned to do the mural in the central terminal of the Paris Metro.



The Opus One Apiary and Flowering


Busy bees on the Opus One estate.


Flowering among the vines.


June 2024

The Opus One apiary is bustling after a wet winter season. Pollen and the seasonal blooms are nourishing the hive. It has become less dependent on its’ honey stores and is back to gathering what is available in nature. The queen bee is laying both worker and drone bees and as a result the hive has nearly doubled in size. The diverse and healthy riparian corridor along the Napa River appears to be a slice of heaven for the bees.

While the Opus One bees are hard at work, the winemaking team has confirmed that flowering of the vines in our estate vineyards is now complete. We are beginning to see what will quickly transform into fruit set – an exciting first look at the Opus One 2024 fruit.



Budbreak 2024

Opus One spring

Spring in the Napa Valley.

Opus One budbreak on the vine

The vines are awakening under sunny skies and with ample water for the early growing season. Looking forward to vintage 2024.


April 2024

The first signs of this year’s vintage can be seen throughout the Opus One vineyards. As the spring season brings warmer weather, the vines are waking up with saturated soils at full water capacity – “a good omen” says Opus One Director of Viticulture, Nathalie Buckland.


Carbon Capture

Opus One Bottle and glass of wine

As grapes become wine, fermentation produces CO2. With the help of Earthly Labs, the Opus One winemaking team began capturing the natural biproduct and transforming it into regenerative materials for the cellar to use.

Opus One Carbon Capture. Mature trees

During the 2023 harvest, the Opus One winemaking team captured three thousand pounds of liquefied CO2, the equivalent of a year’s work from sixty mature trees.


March 2024

Looking into the future, the Opus One winemaking team remains dedicated to the vision of becoming carbon negative. As fermentation began during the 2023 harvest, the Opus One winemaking team captured more than three thousand pounds of liquefied CO2, the equivalent of a year’s work from sixty mature trees – more than double from 2022. With the help of Earthly Labs, we continue to pursue innovative methods that ensure the enjoyment of each new vintage for generations to come.


Berm Trials Continue


After three decades of grassy terrain, a new era of the Opus One berms will be enjoyed for generations to come.


A projected early Napa Valley spring invites new budding flowers throughout our experimental berm patch in February of 2024.


February 2024

Our iconic Opus One berms planted in 1991 are undergoing trials to align with our continued efforts of being globally responsible. This initiative is part of “Vision 2030” that set forth the winery’s goals for the coming decade. In an initial effort to reduce our environmental impact, irrigation of the berms was reduced to sixty percent resulting in natural “browning”.

In 2021 when trials began, Reed Hilderbrand, a leading US landscape Architectural firm, surveyed the natural flora of the Napa Valley to determine which drought tolerant plants will replace the grass. A projected early spring in 2024 brings this project to life with new budding flowers throughout the experimental patch.


Sheep Return to the Vineyard


The Opus One vineyard team receiving support from gentle grazers.


Great winemaking begins in the vineyard by honoring traditional methods and the continual pursuit of innovation and improvement.


January 2024

The Opus One vineyard team welcomes the return of sheep to gently graze the land and invite new growth. This is the beginning of what will become the Opus One 2024 vintage. A focus on absolute quality starts with the land, in the vineyard. A blend of regenerative farming practices and modern techniques harmonizes the natural surroundings and ecosystems.

As we anticipate an early spring in the Napa Valley, our team is actively pruning the vines, removing brush, and preparing for flowering with a little help from these gentle herbivores. This is the second year the Opus One team partnered with sheep to support winter vineyard maintenance and will become a tradition for years to come.

Opus One x North Star Carbon


“Making a great wine is easy; it’s just the first 100 years that are difficult.” - Baron Phillipe De Rothschild


When our founders created Opus One, they dreamed of a great wine that would transcend generations.


January 2024

In our ongoing commitment to our patrons and the planet, we have partnered with North Star Carbon Management to preserve the environment and the art of winemaking.

“This partnership with North Star Carbon Management represents a significant advance in our mission to enhance our traditional winemaking with modern sustainability,” shared Michael Silacci, Opus One Winemaker. “The collaboration between Opus One and North Star Carbon underscores our internal strategic pillar together we go further – where synergies among diverse perspectives helps to correct issues that we are facing with climate change and inspires others to do the same.”

Rosalind Tallmadge

Featured Artist: Introducing Rosalind Tallmadge

Artist Rosalind Tallmadge in front of artwork
Artist Rosalind Tallmadge in front of artwork

Rosalind Tallmadge (b.1987) is a Brooklyn-based artist recognized for her multi-layered paintings that approach sculpture. Tallmadge’s work mines the history of monochrome and color field painting, incorporating natural materials and metal leafing in hybrid textile paintings that explore the politics of surface, beauty, and environment.

Her work is included in private and public collections in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has been exhibited widely in New York, Detroit, Miami, and Seoul. Most recently Tallmadge was included in the 2023 exhibition “Together and Apart: A Legacy of Abstraction” at David Klein Gallery Detroit, in 2022 in “Moonlight Room” with Carvalho Park, New York, and at Kiaf SEOUL with Carvalho Park, and in the 2021 exhibition, “With Eyes Opened” at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills. Tallmadge will open solo shows in New York and Los Angeles in 2024.

She is the recipient of numerous awards and residencies including Oxbow School of Art, the DNA Residency, Provincetown, MA, and the Yale Summer School of Art, Norfolk, CT. Tallmadge holds a BFA in Painting and a BA in Art History from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2010, and an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit, MI, 2015.

Napa Green


Chris Lynch, Opus One CEO, shares a glass of wine with guests on the Veranda.


Opus One was the first winery to receive both a Napa Green Winery and Napa Green Vineyard Certification.


In 2018, Opus One was certified as a Napa Green Winery which encompassed the winery as a whole including production, hospitality, human resources, and administration. This certification implements standards to save energy, conserve water, prevent waste through recycling and compost programs, reduce carbon footprint, and a commitment to social equity.

In 2022, Opus One also received the Napa Green Vineyard Certification, which focuses specifically on climate action, regenerative farming, water use efficiency, tree preservation, and social equity. Increasing the resilience of our vineyards, businesses, and communities is a primary objective of the Napa Green program.

"Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful."

- Margrit Mondavi

The Opus One Partners' Room

Opus One Partners' Room overlooking Napa Valley estate vineyards.

Inside the Opus One Partners' Room.

Opus One Veranda

The Veranda looking out over the Opus One vineyards.


October 2020

In September 2016, Opus One broke ground for its first winery enhancement. After several years of construction, we are elated to share our Partners’ Room with you. The space offers a comfortable living room setting overlooking our estate vineyards and the extended Napa Valley. Each piece of art was hand-selected to compliment the architecture and natural landscape. We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy intimate wine tasting experiences and sharing many memories for years to come.


Opus One International Details
Opus One International.
Opus One International Stairs
At Home Around the World

Situated next to a shady park in the heart of Bordeaux, the Opus One International office is located in a 19th century townhouse. From this location and with the help of our team members in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, we cultivate and nurture relationships that span the globe. Today, Opus One is currently sold in over 90 countries.