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Capturing Time and Place

Opus One is the product of two families who shared a passion for wine and a desire to explore new possibilities. Today, our world expands far beyond the present of each vintage. Just as we look back on experience, we are always looking forward for inspiration.

The Opus One building with a hot air balloon in the background and yellow mustard in the foreground.
The beginning of budbreak
Budbreak Evolution


Budbreak 2021

The first signs of budbreak were observed in a parcel of Cabernet Franc vines on March 15th, marking the beginning of the 2021 growing season. The cycle of life continues and its persistent beauty uplifts our spirits during these unprecedented times.

Giovanni is teaching Hillary to prune the vineyards

One hundred and ten non-production employees have cared for grapevines and made wine at Opus One since 2004. Two winery winemaking teams are led by vineyard and cellar workers each year. Giovanni is showing Hillary the nuances of pruning. Each winery winemaking team has two rows of vines in our To Kalon South Estate Vineyard. The two teams make four barrels of wine each, and it is usually selected for the Opus One blend.

Christopher pruning the vineyards

Christopher, Opus One VP of Communications, is a quick learner and has superb posture.


“Making a great wine is easy; it’s just the first 100 years that are difficult.”

Baron Phillipe De Rothschild
A glass of Opus One with the logo on the side

Opus One Virtual Experiences

While we offer limited outdoor tasting reservations, we are pleased to share the Opus One story and lead you through an immersive virtual presentation. Experience the beauty of Napa Valley from the comfort of your own home, all while enjoying a glass of wine if you wish to do so alongside one of our knowledgeable wine educators. We look forward to customizing this experience to your specific needs and requests, connecting you safely to friends and family around the world through a shared virtual Opus One Winery Presentation.

Two glasses of Opus One next to a bottle of wine in the Partners' Room
Virtual experiences may be booked on the phone at +1 (707) 944-9442.


"Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful."

Margrit Mondavi
A vineyard worker pruning a vine in January


“Pruning is a time to reflect on the past, live in the present, and imagine what the future will bring. It is at intersection of attention to detail and purity of focus. Precise cuts are made to leave enough cane above the bud to protect the bud from drying out, but not so much that pests find a place to harbor.” -Michael Silacci, Opus One Winemaker

A macroshot of a vineyard worker pruning a vine in January
A glimpse of the new Parnters' Room where Opus One Experiences will be hosted
A private room in the new Partners' Room
One can see the small, subtle changes as the weeks continue and budbreak progresses.

The Veranda of the new Partners' Room

The Opus One Partners' Room

After several years of construction, we are elated to share our Partners' Room with you. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing many memories for years to come.

“Wine should express itself. It should tell you where it came from.”

Michael Silacci
A bottle of Opus One, next to a wine glass and rack of lamb on a dinner table
At Home Around the World

Situated next to a shady park in the heart of Bordeaux, our Opus One International office is located in a 19th century townhouse. From this location and with the help of our team members in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, we cultivate and nurture relationships that span the globe. Today, Opus One is currently sold in over 90 countries.

Bottle of Opus One 2007 next to a red wine glass, with clouds and sunshine in the background

A Global Community

Above from Instagram User, prettysweetmess, "Calm before *and after the storm. '07 @opusonewinery No matter how traveled these bottles are, they shine right through! In such a beautifully restrained, energetic place (Pun Intended)."

A beautiful black and white image of the Opus One building with clouds in the background