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Opus One is the product of two families who shared a passion for wine and a desire to explore new possibilities. Today, our world expands far beyond the present of each vintage. Just as we look back on experience, we are always looking forward for inspiration.
A drone shot of the Opus One building and surrounding vineyards, with an outline of the Opus One heads logo in front of the winery, outlined by mowed crop.

Featured Artist: Introducing Rosalind Tallmadge

Artist Rosalind Tallmadge in front of artwork
Artist Rosalind Tallmadge in front of artwork

Rosalind Tallmadge (b.1987) is a Brooklyn-based artist recognized for her multi-layered paintings that approach sculpture. Tallmadge’s work mines the history of monochrome and color field painting, incorporating natural materials and metal leafing in hybrid textile paintings that explore the politics of surface, beauty, and environment.

Her work is included in private and public collections in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and has been exhibited widely in New York, Detroit, Miami, and Seoul. Most recently Tallmadge was included in the 2023 exhibition “Together and Apart: A Legacy of Abstraction” at David Klein Gallery Detroit, in 2022 in “Moonlight Room” with Carvalho Park, New York, and at Kiaf SEOUL with Carvalho Park, and in the 2021 exhibition, “With Eyes Opened” at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills. Tallmadge will open solo shows in New York and Los Angeles in 2024.

She is the recipient of numerous awards and residencies including Oxbow School of Art, the DNA Residency, Provincetown, MA, and the Yale Summer School of Art, Norfolk, CT. Tallmadge holds a BFA in Painting and a BA in Art History from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2010, and an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit, MI, 2015.

A bin of beautiful, purple grapes that were recently harvested.

This is the earliest harvest start date in the history of Opus One. Our team started picking Merlot grapes at 3:00am in the morning. We wish all of our neighbors a happy and fruitful harvest.

Vineyard workers picking grapes in the middle of the night, with a Bobard Tractor and bright light behind them.

There is a feeling of excitement in the air at Opus One, as August 24th marks the commencement of harvest for the 2022 vintage.


“Making a great wine is easy; it’s just the first 100 years that are difficult.”

Baron Phillipe De Rothschild
The Opus One team with the Napa Green sign mentioning our sustainability certification, for the vineyard and winery, being herbicide and bee free, and using MCE deep green energy. The vines and winery are in the background.

It takes a village and pictured here are a few inhabitants.

A Napa Green sign mentioning our sustainability certification, for the vineyard and winery, being herbicide and bee free, and using MCE deep green energy. The vines and winery are in the background.

In 2018, Opus One was certified as a Napa Green Winery which encompassed the winery as a whole including production, hospitality, human resources, and administration. This certification implements standards to save energy, conserve water, prevent waste through recycling and compost programs, reduce carbon footprint, and a commitment to social equity. In 2022, Opus One also received the Napa Green Vineyard Certification, which focuses specifically on climate action, regenerative farming, water use efficiency, tree preservation, and social equity. Increasing the resilience of our vineyards, businesses, and communities is a primary objective of the Napa Green program. Opus One was the first winery to receive both a Napa Green Winery and Napa Green Vineyard Certification.


"Wherever wine grapes are grown, it is beautiful."

Margrit Mondavi
A glimpse of the new Parnters' Room where Opus One Experiences will be hosted
A private room in the new Partners' Room with a large round table, and a tasting set up with wine glasses for five guests
The Veranda of the new Partners' Room overlooking green vineyards, with a bottle of Opus One and wine glasses
The Opus One Partners' Room

After several years of construction, we are elated to share our Partners' Room with you. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing many memories for years to come.

“Wine should express itself. It should tell you where it came from.”

Michael Silacci
Two bottles of Opus One next to two wine glasses and dinner
At Home Around the World

Situated next to a shady park in the heart of Bordeaux, our Opus One International office is located in a 19th century townhouse. From this location and with the help of our team members in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, we cultivate and nurture relationships that span the globe. Today, Opus One is currently sold in over 90 countries.

Bottle of Opus One 2007 next to a red wine glass, with clouds and sunshine in the background
A Global Community

Above from Instagram User, prettysweetmess, "Calm before *and after the storm. '07 @opusonewinery No matter how traveled these bottles are, they shine right through! In such a beautifully restrained, energetic place (Pun Intended)."

A beautiful black and white image of the Opus One building with clouds in the background